FPLP Plenum PVC Fire Alarm Cable

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FPLP Plenum PVC Fire Alarm Cable

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 - Conductor: Solid Bare Copper, Fully Annealed per ASTM B3

 - Insulation: Premium-grade, color-coded PVC

 - Color Code: First Wire: Black, Second: Red, Third: Brown, Fourth: Blue, Fifth: Orange, Sixth: Yellow

 -Shielding: Overall Polyester Supported Aluminum Foil Stranded (Select Parts only) 2nd-Red 3rd- Green 4th- Yellow

 - Tinned Copper Drain Wire

 - Jacket: Red Premium-Grade PVC

 - Sequential footage markings to facilitate installation

 -Includes ripcord

Shielded FPLP Ratings and Approvals:

 - Temperature Range: 0°C to +75°C

 -Suggested Voltage Rating: 300V

 -NEC Article 760

 -NEC Type FPL (UL: 75°C, 300V)

 -Designed to meet NFPA 262 and CSA FT-6 Steiner Tunnel Fire Tests for Plenum Applications

 - Evironmwntal testing pass RoHS, REACH


"Wiring of fire alarms

Smoke detectors

Voice communications

Burglar Alarms

Fire protective circuits"

PART#AWGConductorInsulationShield Material /CoverageJacket
No.of CoresConductor No./mmConductor Dia./mmNom. Thick/mmNom. Dia./mmNom. Thick/mmNom. Dia./mm
FPLPS22/2S22217/0.160.760.25 1.26100% shield with Aluminun foil,25% overlap0.40 4.40 
FPLPSA22/4S22417/0.160.760.25 1.260.40 5.00 
FPLPSA22/6S22617/0.160.760.25 1.260.40 5.40 
FPLPS22/222217/0.160.630.25 1.140.40 3.10 
FPLPSA22/422417/0.160.630.25 1.140.40 3.50 
FPLPS18/21821/ 1.520.50 4.00 
FPLPS18/31831/ 1.520.50 4.20 
FPLPS18/41621/ 1.520.50 4.60 
FPLPS16/41641/ 1.860.55 5.20 
FPLPS14/21421/1.631.630.40 2.40.60 5.30 
FPLPS14/41441/1.631.630.40 2.40.60 6.20 
FPLPS12/21221/ 3.0 0.65 6.20 
FPLPS12/41241/ 3.0 0.65 7.20