FPL Shielded Non-Plenum

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FPL Shielded Non-Plenum

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 - Conductor: Solid Bare Copper, Fully Annealed per ASTM B3

 - Insulation: Premium Grade, Color-Coded Polypropylene

 - Color Code Chart for Shielded Non-Plenum Alarm Cable (FPL Cable

1st-Black 2nd-Red 3rd- Green 4th- Yellow

 - Shielding: Aluminum/Mylar Foil Shield

 - Drain Wire: 24 AWG Tinned Copper

 - Jacket: Red PVC

Shielded FPL (Non-Plenum) Ratings and Approvals:

 - Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C

 -Suggested Voltage Rating: 300V

 -NEC Article 760

 -NEC Type FPL (UL: 60°C, 300V)

 - Evironmwntal testing pass RoHS, REACH


 - FPL cable is a non-plenum rated fire alarm cable. The National Electric Code rates this type of cable as suitable for general purpose fire alarm use. However, FPL cables are not safe for installation in risers, ducts, plenums, or other spaces used for environmental air. This cable features an aluminum/foil shield and has a temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.

PART#AWGConductorInsulationShield Material /CoverageJacket
No.of CoresConductor No./mmConductor Dia./mmNom. Thick/mmNom. Dia./mmNom. Thick/mmNom. Dia./mm
FACS18/218216/0.2541.170.40 1.97±0.1mm100% shield with Aluminun foil,25% overlap0.50 4.90 
FACS18/2S1821/ 1.82±0.1mm0.50 4.60 
FACS18/418416/0.2541.170.40 1.97±0.1mm0.50 5.80 
FACS16/216226/0.2541.490.45 2.39±0.1mm0.55 5.80 
FACS16/416426/0.2541.490.45 2.39±0.1mm0.55 6.80 
FACS14/214241/0.2541.870.50 2.87±0.1mm0.60 7.00 
FACS14/414441/0.2541.870.50 2.87±0.1mm0.60 8.30 
FACS12/212265/0.2542.360.60 3.56±0.1mm0.65 7.80 
FACS12/412465/0.2542.360.60 3.56±0.1mm0.65 9.00